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  • Extract the file with 7-Zip:

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  • When it asks you for a password write nucleus and extract.

Note: Some Nucleus Co-op hook dlls and Goldberg emulator, used by Nucleus, can sometimes be detected by windows defender and other anti-viruses and web browsers: this is 100% a false positive see here and here. You may have to allow Nucleus as an exception before extracting. Do not overwrite old Nucleus Co-op versions files with new ones, make a clean install.

  • Move the Nucleus Co-op folder to wherever you like, and run NucleusCoop.exe

    • You can place the folder wherever you like as long as you keep the following in mind:

      • DO NOT place it inside a folder containing files for a game you wish to play.

      • Avoid placing it inside a folder that has security settings applied to it, such as Program Files, Program Files (x86).

      • Some handlers require the Nucleus Co-op folder to be located in the same drive as the game files.

      • If you are still unsure where to place the folder, the root of the drive your games are installed on is usually the best option. For example C:/NucleusCo-op

How To Download Earlier Versions

You can download earlier versions of Nucleus Co-op from Lucas's or Zerofox's GitHub repos. Note that these versions will not support as many games, and that we no longer provide support for earlier versions.