How to report a bug (reddit)?

How to report a bug on reddit?

Note that Nucleus Co-Op is a tool in development and still in Beta. Expect bugs, glitches and weird things to happen. Help other people not have these things happen by checking for a solution here and submitting a [BUG REPORT] to the reddit as a new topic or in the comments here, if no-one else has brought it up.

A good [BUG REPORT] looks like this:

Thread name: [BUG REPORT] Simon falling off horse

BUG: Simon falls off his horse.

EXPECTED: Simon should not fall off his horse, right?

CAUSE: I'm pretty sure it's because I have my computer plugged into an auto-blow.


1.- Open up Simon Stays On His Horse: The Interactive Video Game of the Movie.

2.- Choose Co-Op and join with another player.

3.- Simon falls off his horse!!!

TYPE: Severe! The gameplay can't continue if Simon isn't on his horse! (Alternatively, Minor if the gameplay can continue but it's just annoying)

NUCLEUS OPTIONS: I played with 2 players using the vertical splitscreen (left and right) on one tv and 2 famicom controllers. I'm using the latest version

SYSTEM: I'm on Windows 3.1 with 4MB of RAM, a 2KHz CPU and no graphics card, playing on a projector. She's a monster.

I'd really like this to get fixed please thanks magic man! -Beanboy"

Also provide a debug log of the NucleusCoop error, enable the debug log in Nucleus UI settings. You can also ask for support in our discord.